Customary keratin treatment may remain broadly accessible but the latest survey shows that most buyers favor safer and more adaptable hair styling solutions. The popularity of safer, toxic-free keratin treatment solutions grows exponentially. Indeed, safe hair straightening procedures better protect both the client and the stylist.

There is little wonder that innovative companies started to pursue the goal of creating a viable alternative which would be safe and produce the similar effect to the keratin hair straightening. As a result, today’s market offers a few solutions that are perfectly safe, produce no side effects and work effectively.

All of these solutions are formaldehyde-free and are proven to be safe scientifically. Since they do not produce toxic fumes which result from using formaldehyde, no protective equipment is required. At the same time, they create an effect of perfectly straight, silky hair, eliminate frizz and pose no threat to both clients and hair stylists. Moreover, new solutions for keratin hair treatment positively affect the health of the hair.

Also, these solutions enable clients to feel more comfortable and flexible with their hair procedures. For example, the stylist can play around with the temperatures for a flat iron and there is no need to avoid water after the procedure for three days. Rather, clients can style their hair right after the keratin procedure. Moreover, they can decide whether they want straight or wavy hair.

Being one of the latest alternatives to the traditional keratin treatment, Amazonliss is formaldehyde-free. Using no dangerous ingredients, it produces amazing results. Since it’s completely safe, no mask is needed.

Ingredients used for Amazonliss include plant extracts, vitamins, amino acids and sericin. All of them help to strengthen the hair, eliminate frizz and bring back the hair’s shine and health. Amazonliss makes your hair beautiful, vibrant and healthy again.

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