Keratin does a spectacular job of beautifying and restoring weak, damaged hair. Let’s have a quick look at why this kind of treatment is so effective.

Every day, your hair is subject to styling tools like hair dryers, flat or curling irons that damage the hair. If you color your hair, it gets affected by chemical substances like hair color, bleach, relaxers or perms. Add to this small damage from everyday hair care like brushing and doing the hair, and you will get a long list of things that undermine its health.

The damage itself happens when proteins naturally existent in the human hair reduce in number and fail to protect the hair cuticles. You can think of a cuticle as an additional layer protecting the cortex.

Keratin creates a particular protective structure that safeguards your hair against the damaging influence of water and air. Things go wrong when this protective structure gets damaged.

So what happens when keratin no longer protects the cortex? The hair is exposed to the harmful impact of high temperatures and chemicals used in styling products. As a matter of fact, keratin serves many different functions since it comes in a variety of types. Keratin found in the cortex wraps up the hair. If keratin structure is damaged, it ceases to protect the hair. As a result, it becomes fractured.

This means your hair is damaged from inside and outside alike which is the worst-case scenario.

To restore your hair’s health, you need to enrich it with more keratin. This is where the hair care products that contain keratin should go to work. They enrich your hair with keratin necessary to revitalize it. If the keratin used in the hair care product matches the natural keratin found in your own hair, it will work out precisely like your own keratin. It will protect the cortex and strengthen your hair.

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