Worried about the health of your hair after using various relaxers and ironing? Think about doing a Brazilian keratin hair treatment.

This procedure is a safe way to get perfectly straight hair without resorting to harmful chemical solutions. That is because keratin is a natural protein in human hair.

Brazilian keratin hair treatment enriches your hair with an extra amount of keratin and secures the effect by applying hot iron heated to 450℉. This procedure is a much safer option for colored hair too because it doesn’t put additional strain on the hair.

How long does it take?

Typically, the procedure takes a couple of hours. It is not expensive and the result you get is worth every time and money anyway.

The effect of keratin hair treatment is long-lasting. Provided you follow the basic rules of hair care, you can enjoy a perfectly straight hair for a few months after your first procedure. Also, remember to use a shampoo containing neutral pH to make the effect last even longer.

An important thing to remember is you cannot wash your hair for three days after undergoing the keratin procedure. This will help to ensure that keratin is firmly attached to the hair follicles and intertwines with the keratin already present in your hair.

How to get the best result?

Sometimes, clients will find their hair stiff following the procedure. Typically, this disappears in a couple of days and the hair gets shiny and voluminous.

Also, the hair type will directly impact the time keratin effect will last. Some clients enjoy perfectly straight hair that requires no additional styling. Others may eliminate the frizz but will still need to straighten the hair with a flat iron for a better effect.

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