A perfect canvas is necessary for any hair artist to create a great masterpiece. Create your work safely using specialized Amazonliss smoothing treatment.

The treatment is 100% free of formaldehyde. This is the next generation smoothing system based on the latest scientific advancements and the finest ingredients. The treatment makes it possible to the results of keratin treatment without the chemicals which are harmful to your health.

The therapy work on all types of the hair and lasts for months depending on the type of your hair and aftercare procedures.

The results will last longer than the ones obtained from any formaldehyde system in the market. In addition to this, the therapy will be conducted without any chemicals.

The treatment is unique in working from the inside. As a result, it completely changes the shape and overall curl health.

Amazonliss therapy is a lot more effective than traditional formaldehyde therapies concerning removing smoothing and frizzy hair. However, this therapy is entirely free from chemicals. Our 100% formaldehyde-free revolutionary therapy penetrates into the hair with the purpose of infusing a unique keratin blend, vitamins, and botanical extracts. Not only does it deliver smoother hair, but it also restores the hair’s natural luster.

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