One step keratin shampoo, what is it?

The new product Amazonliss Protein Smoothing Brush will be available in December 2017!

The only hair care product you need to make your hair silky, vibrant and frizz-free.

High temperature of the flat iron combined with powerful ingredients like acidic pH (2,5) seal the composition and help it penetrate deeply into the hair. As a result, the hair gets silky and shiny instantly. Compared to the other hair care products, it saves you over 40 minutes of your time and is a life savior in many situations.

Unique benefits for salon professionals

Use a keratin shampoo for different clients:

1. as a solution in between keratin treatments;

2. for clients who are looking for a safe, natural solution to straighten and smooth the hair;

3. for clients who no longer wish to undergo keratin treatment but still long for that gorgeous look it provides;

4. for personalized results according to the client’s preferences (the higher the temperature is, the smoother the hair will be. It is possible to play around and achieve different outcomes).

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