After the procedure of keratin straightening, the masters first talk about how to shampoo your hair.

This is an extremely important point, since it depends on the duration of the effect. An indispensable condition: the product should not contain sulphates - active substances, which are added to many detergent cosmetics. This component is "responsible" for creating an airy foam, incidentally kicking off keratin and washing it out of the hair. Today many manufacturers of cosmetics are trying to refuse sulphates today, however, it’s rather difficult to buy non-sulfate shampoo after keratin straightening.

The most dangerous and cheap substance is lauryl sulfate (designation on the package: sodium lauryl sulfate). If the question arises: what shampoo use after keratin hair straightening, then you must refuse of shampoo with this component. Often in the composition is laureth sulfate. It is less sharp. Also with particular caution should be used shampoo with ammonium sulfate.

What can replace sulfates for a quality head wash and not eliminate keratin?

Here, we are saved by sulfate-replacement preparations, based on plants or glucose:



acyl glutamate;


lauryl glucoside;

coco sulphate.

The shampoos containing them give less foam, but they wash the hair well and do not wash the keratin from the cuticle of the hair.

Another solution is the use of a special shampoo with a safe number of sulfates and hydrolyzed keratin in the composition. The composition was chosen in such a way to provide the most effective hair care. The manufacturer has developed a formula that provides care without harm. In the composition, there is a safe amount of high-quality sulfates.

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