Single-stage keratin for hair straightening. Shampoo for deep cleaning is not required. The composition is applied to the client's clean hair. Without formaldehyde, odor and smoke. Suitable for all hair types. The strength of straightening depends on the time of aging of the composition on the hair.

Intensive treatment in one step, which deeply moisturizes, strengthens the hair, gives an incredible shine and reduces the volume.

One-stage keratin is rich in useful ingredients. The composition has a pleasant slight odor.

Shea Butter - in cosmetics is noted Butyrospermum Parkii Butter. Promotes moisturizing and softening of hair, has strong regenerating properties, activates the synthesis of collagen, has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory functions.

D-Panthenol - regenerates cells, produces the anti-inflammatory effect. Panthenol has a high penetrating ability, works in deeper layers. Panthenol envelopes each hair with a thin protective film, while not making it heavier. In this way, panthenol protects the hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet and high temperature. This component makes the hair smooth, fresh and light, which gives them "obedience" and significantly facilitates the laying. Panthenol accelerates growth, restores dried hair.


1. Straighten hair structure

2. Doesn’t contain irritating mucous substances.

3. Simpler than keratin straightening

4. Doesn’t contain formaldehyde

5. One-step means

6. You can wash your head immediately

7. Not what kind of shampoo deep cleaning

8. Hair does not break off

9. The natural volume


1. It is necessary to use non-sulfate shampoos

3. The effect of straight hair can stay longer than you expect. Experience shows that hair can be straight up to six months with proper care

4. It is possible to influence the tone of the hair color.

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