No matter how nice your scissors are and how well you use them, you can't do without combs when creating nice hairstyles for your clients. We said "combs", not a "comb", because one comb can not perform all the necessary functions. What hairbrushes will you need as a professional hairstylist? Check out this article and find it out!
1. Mixed bristle oval hairbrush. It’s perfect for scalp massage as well as for haircare distributing through your hair during some treatments.
2. Detangler brush. Another one must-have. You will definitely need a brush that will gently detangle your client’s hair without pulling it out and causing pain.
3. Round brush with synthetic bristles. This is a special brush for curly hair. You can twirl your client’s hair around the brush while blow-drying it in order to get luxurious neat curls.
4. Fishbone hairbrush. It’s specially designed for hair sectioning.
5. Teasing hairbrush. It’s designed for backcombing and fluffing hair roots before applying hair dye.
6. Cushion hair brush with nylon bristles. It’s the most essential brush ever, as it’s suitable not only for professional use in a hair salon but for daily home use as well, thus, you can recommend it to your clients!


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