Protein Therapy is any product that makes the protein structure of your hair stronger. It has lots of functions: strengthening, damage elimination, elasticity improvement, etc.

Description of the Therapy work. Proteins stick to the follicle of your hair. They smoothly cover your hair, making it stronger and preventing it from damage.

Is Protein Therapy suitable for me? It is, if your hair is rebellious or curly. If you have tried almost everything and nothing works - try Protein Therapy.

Protein Therapy Frequency. Protein will make your hair smooth and lustrous for 4-8 weeks. If you are satisfied with your hair, it’s not the time for the second Therapy! On the contrary, if your hair looks not that good anymore, it’s time to repeat the procedure. Later on you will find out your personal frequency.

How to choose the right Therapy? For hair, that damaged really much, Protein Therapy will act as a reviver. For the average damage, the Therapy will deeply moisture your hair. If you are lucky to have healthy hair, use Protein Therapy as a part of your daily hair routine.

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