Still believe that Keratin Smoothing involves some poisoning chemicals? You are wrong.Keratin treatment is a procedure that is aimed on treating and straightening the dull hair. Besides, you’ll get a bonus - an amazing hair shine. Dry and limp hair? No more! The procedure will straighten the curly and wavy hair and make the most difficult hair look fine. You have dyed and permed your hair? No problem! is still suitable for you. A great formula is 100% safe for your hair. The Smoothing Treatment effect lasts up to four months. You can try Treatment right after the coloration. Keratin Treatment has a function of protecting your hair against the adverse ecological impact. There are lots of formulas for any hair type. Now you don’t have to wait for so long just to wash your hair. Keratin Smoothing helps you look just perfect! The Keratin gradually washes off your hair in 4 months. You won’t find yourself in a situation when your roots grew and became curly but the hair ends are still straight.

Want to preserve the achieved effect? Use suitable products. Your stylist has all the necessary information.

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