If you’re going to get your hair smoothed or straightened, as well as glossy and bright, you may choose among keratin or botox therapy. What difference do they make? To gain a better understanding of these procedures, it would be good to find the similarities first. Generally, they would provide the straight hair and the ingredients intended for the reparation of problem (damaged) hair. In addition, their effect will be quite helpful for you to spend your time, as the use of straightening iron won’t be a daily routine for you. If to mention the diversity of these procedures, one should note, that keratin therapy involves the use of chemicals, while the botox just stops at hair conditioning. Another words, both keratin and botox therapy provide your hair with the vital nutrients, like amino acids, proteins and so on, thus restoring the damaged zones, but all the same, keratin therapy only involves chemicals in contrast to botox treatment.

One more difference is important. Following a keratin therapy, you would be recommended to wash your hair just after some days. Following a botox therapy instead, you may get your hair shampooed as recently as the next day.


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