Often women with curly hair face a problem of taking care of it. Often they try a lot of techniques but their hair remains unhealthy, dry and unmanageable. In such situations, it is necessary to choose the most effective hair treatment that makes your hair smooth and strong. There are two ways to achieve it: hair smoothing and hair straightening.

Although these treatments have the same aim – to provide you healthy and sleek hair – they are a bit different and it is significant to choose the method that is the best for you.

Hair smoothing treatment returns natural properties to your hair, making it easy to manage. It is significant to highlight that there is no change in hair follicles; this procedure allows you to reach the desired result in a natural way.

Although your hair becomes smooth in both cases, a lot of hair experts do not recommend hair straightening. They advise trying a hair smoothing method. It is explained by the fact that smoothing improves your hair texture and does not change your natural hair type.

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