Winter hibernation is about to end, woohoo! It means that your salon will have more clients than it was in winter! How can you attract them to your salon and what are the best spring promotions? Keep on reading and find it out!
First of all, you need to plan each promotion, as each one should have a particular goal. Some of the promotions are aimed at retail sales, some - at attracting new clients, while another - at retaining the existing one. Don’t try to cover everything at once.
Find out what are the most demanded procedures and products you have in your salon. After the winter season, many clients are likely to feel the need for a revival, their hair doesn’t look its best, so you can benefit from it!
Carefully think about how you will advertise your spring promotions. Of course, there are good old methods like news lettering, SMS-messages, social networks, but don’t forget to be as creative as possible! Signs, displays, and banners may become a powerful visually appealing method of attracting new clients!

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