Hair drying can often be quite a nasty and time-consuming process, especially if you don’t have a hairdryer. There are can be different situations in life, so feel free to use this article as a little guide on how to
quickly dry your hair without damaging it!
If you have a hairdryer but don’t have enough time for proper hair drying, still don’t forget to use a thermal protector. Don’t set the maximum possible temperature - it will surely damage your hair. While hair drying, wave your head, move it in order for each thin hair to be in motion, meeting the warm airflow.
After the shower, cover your hair with a microfiber towel or regular waffle weave towel: these materials quickly absorb moisture and don’t damage your hair.
In order to thoroughly dry each strand, replace textile towels with paper or microfiber towels. Most importantly, dry your hair from roots to ends using such a towel! However, don’t rub hard, otherwise, your curls will start to split.
Use a fishbone comb for wet hair: this way the air passes through the strands and removes moisture from them faster. You can speed up the process of drying hair by providing airflow to it (this is the basis of the hairdryer work). Therefore, having dried your hair with a towel after washing so that the water does not run down from the ends, shake your head from side to side, make circular movements with it, run your fingers through your hair, or simply hold the hair ends and shake your hair.

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