Spring is always associated with revival! Indeed, after long and frosty winter we all need a little shake up and a boost of energy! Let’s start with our hair! What are the best products that will prepare your hair for spring? Check this article and find it out!
1. Leave-in two-phase hair care spray. Dry hair will thank you for pampering it with a leave-in moisturizer. It is used on slightly damp or dry hair, making it easier to detangle and moisturizes the hair. In the spring you can buy products with a UV filter.
2. Thermal protection. Good thermal protection can save your hair, especially if you are a fan of straighteners, stylers, and hair dryers. Choose any thermal protection wisely, considering your hair condition.
3. Hair oil. Of course, you can only conditionally call it oil. In fact, it is a product with silicones that can instantly transform hair. In addition to a temporary aesthetic function, such oils have a protective function. The most popular hair oils are Kerastase, L'Oreal Mythic Oil, Wella Reflections oil, and Moroccanoil.
4. Nourishing hair mask. Even if the winter is over, it doesn’t mean that you can stop using hair masks! In spring the sun becomes more active, so your hair needs additional protection and nutrition!
5. Hairspray. Maybe you’ll be surprised but when we finally leave our warm winter hats until the next season, we will be glad to flaunt beautiful hairstyles. We barely know any of them that don’t require using a hairspray!

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