Summer always pleases with its weather. Are you going to rest? Anyone who has already started the countdown could use these helpful hair care tips during the hottest months. The main task in the summer is to keep hair healthy and moisturized.

Don't be in the sun during the daytime. If possible, do not go out from 11 am to 4 pm, otherwise be sure to wear a hat or cap.

Salt can dry out hair, especially when in combination with scorching sunlight. Having bathed in the sea, rinse hair with fresh water.

Use shampoos / conditioners / creams containing keratin. Keratin restores the hair, creating a protective sheath and makes the hair obedient.

Stop using stylers. The scorching sun can cause heat stroke, and make hair more susceptible to heat. When the air temperature becomes high, hair follicles begin to die. Now imagine on top of this, you are drying your hair with a hair dryer and styling with an iron.

Use Botox for hair to keep your hair healthy, smooth and hydrated.

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