Home care products sold in the salon can help to prolong the amazing effect of the salon procedure, that’s why many beauty salon clients are interested in buying them in the salon after the treatment, such as keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment. 


Today, sales in a beauty salon have become more relevant than ever for several reasons:


 1. The crisis has reduced the number of clients who come to the beauty salon regularly;

 2. The frequency of visits has decreased, which significantly reduces the profitability of the salon;

 3. The average check in the salon has decreased due to the decreased purchasing power of the population;

 4. The amount of secondary sales channels has increased: among them are online stores, professional stores, and federal chains. 


Sales in a beauty salon mean not only the sale of services and an increase in the average check due to the performed procedures, new hair care products, haircuts, and other innovations. First of all, sales imply the ability to prolong the effect of professional salon services at home.


Among the most popular retail products are:


 1. Keratin shampoo and conditioner

 2. Set for keratin complex treatment 

 3. Set for hair smoothing treatment 

 4. Set for botox hair treatment 

 5. Blonde hair botox 


It’s no news that botox and keratin sets are among the most popular hair care products that are sold in beauty salons. Many clients want to prolong the effect of the salon procedure at home! 

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