Here are some tips how to deal with millennials in your salon to make your business develop.

First, millennials are not guided by money like people were in the past.
The fact is that all the traditional ways that you used to encourage your team before are not effective anymore. Millennials are stimulated by lifestyle and freedom. For example, today many companies let their workers have flexible holidays.

Another thing you should remember about millennials is that they got used to momentary pleasure.
Today, if you want to eat, you can order food and it will be delivered. You can also get goods online. So if millennials want something, they should get it immediately. Always keep in your mind this instant delivery concept and you will be able get stuff on your phone almost automatically.

If you want millennials to establish goals, make sure the limits of these aims have a daily or weekly basis, not monthly or annually. The same concerns rewards, show your gratitude at the end of the workday by giving a high five.

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