Keratin is the natural protein, which was discovered in the human’s hair and its main function is to protect it from the humidity of frizz. Within the time, the concentration of keratin in the hair comes down due to the environmental conditions, the use of chemical services or hair styling.

Cindy, who specializes in hair texture treatment, says that the main aim of a keratin’s work is the interaction with hair porosity. Other words keratin fills in the empty gaps, thus the humidity is confronted, improving the overall state of a hair’s health.

If the professional specialist performs the procedure in salon, this strong therapy supplies the hair with the heavy concentration of keratin to recover the damaged zones. Following a therapy, you get healthier, smoother and brighter hair. Moreover, it will be much easier for you to manage your hair, what makes possible to spend less time for styling.

In contrast to straightening procedures, Keratin Complex therapies will not cause the breakage of hair bonds. Moreover, it is quite helpful in getting rid of frizz hair and in getting your hair straightened and smoothed.

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