Is keratin therapy efficient?

Keratin therapy is a highly efficient treatment method to recover the damaged hair. Due to keratin’s work, the hair cuticle becomes sealed and your hair obtains a glossy look too.

How much time does keratin therapy take?

To complete all of the procedures, which keratin therapy involves, it takes 1-2 month. The duration period of an effect you get after treatment, depends upon the way you take care of your hair and the exposure of your hair to the effect of environmental conditions.

Will be a keratin therapy appropriate for my hair type?

The aim of a keratin treatment focuses mostly on coarse and thick hair. Sure, it is a good choice for the treatment of damaged curls, thus it will be helpful if your hair is weakened or bleached as well.

Does keratin therapy harm the hair health?

No keratin therapy will have a truly positive impact for your hair. Following a treatment procedures, you will get your hair stronger and it will not tend to breakage as it might do before.

How to take care of my hair following a keratin therapy?

Try to avoid frequent hair wash after the completion of the therapy. Escape the use of the shampoos that contain sulphates. You must use the ones that will provide you with UV protection instead.

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