Balayage is one of the most popular hair color trends now. It looks very natural yet so luxurious! Of course, many girls want to take a picture of their new look right at the beauty salon. How to do it properly? We have some tips! 


 - Natural daylighting is the best option, however, you can use a special selfie lamp, which usually has cold lighting. It helps to literally make hair very shiny. The proper lighting is one of the most important features of a true thumb-stopping picture. 


 - Ask your model to strike a nice pose. You can make two pictures: one from her backside, showing the hair beauty, and another one from the front, with the model’s face. Pictures with faces are always more catchy, by the way. 


 - Choose the right entourage. Always watch the background - there should be no one. Choose plain background so it won’t deflect attention from the hair. Pay attention to the hair color of your model: if she’s blonde, then the best background for the picture will be dark, so it can accentuate the hair color and vice versa. 


 - Make sure your camera is good enough. In fact, you shouldn’t necessarily take a picture with a professional camera. If you have a smartphone with a camera of at least 8 mp., it will be quite enough. Besides, make sure that your hands aren’t trembling, otherwise, the pictures will be blurred. 

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