The Star Wars universe has millions of fans all over the globe! We are definitely into these movies, what about you? Just before the international Star Wars day on May 4, we have made up a list of the most remarkable hairstyles which had the popular heroes of this saga. Let the force awake!


  1. Apart from her super famous side-buns, Princess Leia also rocked an Alderaanian braided hairdo. You can see it two movies which are The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi.


  1. The most popular Rey’s hairstyle is the one that she has in The Force Awakens movie. Fans called The Three Knobs which became Rey’s signature. In fact, it’s quite a complex triple bun hairdo. 


  1. In our opinion, Qui-Gon Jin has the nicest hairstyle as a Jedi ever! It is very simple but elegant at the same time. Besides, it can be rocked both by a man and a woman. This hairdo first appeared in The Phantom Menace movie. 


  1. Jyn Erso’s hairstyle completely suits her character: it’s bold, quite messy, and super practical. You can check it in the Rogue One movie. 


That’s it! I hope we managed to inspire you with the nicest Star Wars hair looks and you probably picked something to rock on May 4. As the ultimate Star Wars fans, we are looking forward to this day! 


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