Botox hair treatment with botox--this procedure is recommended for severely damaged and weakened hair, dehydrated with frequent dyes and thermal exposure. Botox helps to quickly restore damaged strands and significantly improve their appearance.

Giving extra hair volume.

There is a rapid growth of hair, as awakening of dormant hair bulbs occurs, their nutrition and functioning improves.

The composition of Botox includes nutrients that help restore lost hair volume. This effect is achieved due to the thickening of each hair.

Provides good nutrition to strands. Using Botox helps restore strands to a well-groomed and healthy appearance.

Botox helps straighten hair, so it becomes an indispensable tool for owners of naughty and curly strands. After this procedure, the curls become perfectly smooth and obedient. These are the results you can expect using botox.

Author - Pavlo Lahoiko

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