How to make keratin straightening in 7 simple steps.

1) Thoroughly wash your hair with deep cleansing shampoo. It is advisable to do this twice in order to be sure of discarding residual elements of styling products and hair dye.

2) Blow-dry the hair to a slightly damp state.

3) Gently comb the hair and distribute it into approximately equal thickness strands. Secure each curl with a clip.

4) Apply to each strand in turn a keratin remedy, carefully and evenly distributing it through the hair.

5) Wait 20-30 minutes until the keratin mask is absorbed into the hair and re-dry it with a hairdryer, setting the lowest temperature.

6) Alternately straighten thin strands of the hair using an iron with the temperature set to 450˚F. However, dyed blondes can heat the rectifier only as high as 400˚F, because peroxide-bleached hair is extremely vulnerable. Walking the iron along each strand should be done at least 5-7 times.

7) Use a deep conditioning mask.

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