If you keep an eye on the latest trends in the beauty industry, you’ve probably heard a lot about hair botox which has recently turned into a buzzword. So how does it work and what benefits does it deliver? Is it time- and cost-effective? Are there any risks associated with it? We’ve decided to put together everything you need to know about this procedure.

Hair botox does sound like something only movie stars can afford. However, the treatment gained popularity among many people who have said to see the actual benefits of the procedure. Besides, the effects apply to men and women equally.

What Is the Story About Hair Botox?

As we know, human body changes over time. As time passes by, we may notice it functions differently than we’ve been used to. To help you reflect on these changes, cosmetic industry has created a multitude of lotions, creams and oils which are supposed to produce a powerful recovering effect.

Hair treatment products are no exception. The last few decades have seen the rise of hair treatment procedures and products alike. Each of them is supposed to produce awesome effects, be it straightening the hair, and create a healthy shine or making it stronger.

The crucial element responsible for strengthening our hair is keratin. It’s naturally produced by human body. However, as we age, our ability to create keratin gradually weakens. So even a simple action like washing the hair frequently may have a negative impact and cause the hair loss.

Hair professionals confirm that too much is not good. In other words, hair products overuse often results in dehydration. This means that a hair straightening treatment, while producing a long-lasting effect, can also seriously dehydrate the hair over time. Little wonder then that people start searching for healthier alternatives.

How Does This Treatment Work?

The idea behind a hair botox treatment is to recover the hair by powerfully hydrating it. To do so, a robust combination of ingredients such as collagen, oils and B5 and E vitamins is used.

When you compare hair botox with keratin hair treatment, the major difference is the use of formaldehyde. Contrary to the keratin procedure, hair botox treatment doesn’t involve formaldehyde. Rather, hair cuticles are directly enriched with it which does a better job of recovering the hair from inside.

A straightening effect is achieved thanks to the non-use of chemical elements and moderate use of protein. This means the hair integrity is preserved. Add to this that hair botox prevents dandruff and psoriasis and you’ll see why it’s gaining so much traction.

Why Would You Use Botox for Hair?

In addition to its healing effects, hair botox procedure is also quick and easy. We’re all busy and limited in time so it’s good to know the treatment only takes 45 minutes - an excellent option when you’ve got a wedding or a party to attend.

Moreover, the effects last for at least 2 months so no more monthly sessions at your salon. The hair looks revitalized, vibrant and healthy. It gets a beautiful shine and is so much easier to style. The procedure can be applied with immediate result to any hair type, be it straight, curly or anything in between.

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