The origins of keratin hair treatment procedure are in Brazil. Now it is popular all over the world because of its unique effect that allows you to get shiny, soft and straight hair. Unlike the chemicals that were used to straighten hair in the past, keratin straightening does not require changing its structure. Keratin does not impact the hair cuticle harmfully. Unlike the above-mentioned chemicals, it does not break up the structure of your hair. It softens it, using its high pH level, instead of that. That is why this method is considered more natural and less harmful. The process of keratin hair straightening was described by The New York Times. The famous newspaper reported that it requires the contact of keratin formula with the customer’s hair and its straightening with a flat iron that heats up to 450 degrees.


You have to know that your hair consists of keratin (about 88% of its compound). This protein is natural for us. Amino acid cystine contains lots of keratin and makes our hair tough but elastic. The main goal of keratin use is to establish the new structure and form of your nails and hair. The use of keratin formula helps in restoring the strength and natural shine of your hair and makes it healthier. According to the information published by The New York Times, the effectiveness of keratin is explained by its ability adhere to the hair cuticle that allows it to preserve moisture and remain healthy.


There are now lots of discussions about the safety of keratin straightening that are caused by the use of formaldehyde during it. This carcinogen is well known and people don’t trust it. According to the Los Angeles Times, formaldehyde is the main active component of hair straightening procedure. Dr. Paul McAndrews – a dermatologist from Beverley Hills said that keratin does not straighten the hair but only fixes its natural defects and makes it look better. Straightening is a result of high-temperature flat iron and formaldehyde combination. According to Dr. McAndrews’ recommendations, the customer has to discuss all concerns related to hair health with his (or her) hair stylist. Since 2014 keratin formulations do not contain formaldehyde and use other active components to straighten your hair.


This ingredient of keratin hair straightening formula is actually pure silicone that is often used as a cosmetic means. It is not the main component of the formula because it does not make any treatment effect. It is used only as a carrier for other ingredients. Cyclomethicone makes your hair and skin smooth, silky and shiny. You don’t have to worry about its use in the hair straightening formula because it evaporates in a few minutes after its use.

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