The cost of the procedure depends on the salon where you conduct it, and the length of your hair.
After hair straightening, you can forget about curly hair that is hard to make it straight for about 3 months.
The benefits of keratin straightening
You are able to conduct this procedure even if your hair is colored.
It takes about two hours to straighten your hair. During the procedure, it is treated with keratin and protein. After that, the hair is straightened with a hair iron.
Keratin straightening does not ruin the natural proteins of your hair, and so, it does not damage it too hard.
The procedure prevents hair breaking risks.
You will waste less time for drying your hair after the procedure. Additionally, your hair will always remain smooth and shiny even in summer.
Results of the procedure
Hairstyling procedures will become much simpler after keratin straightening. Even in the morning.
The procedure will give you a chance to test new hairstyles. Some of them are impossible with curly hair.
After keratin straightening, you are able to straighten your hair both with a hair iron or a dryer.
Value for money
The effect of the procedure lasts about 2 or 3 months. It means that this suggestion is quite affordable. It is worth paying $250 or even $450 for such service. Your hair will become straight and shiny after it.
Spend about 20 minutes a day for styling your hair after keratin treatment and you will have no doubt regarding its effect.

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