Looking for a new look to start off the new year? Go for a look with these classic Soft Vintage Waves! This retro hairdo is playful and perfect and achieved in just a few steps! Won’t you start your weekend off with a little old Hollywood glamour?

Soft Vintage Waves

1. Begin by pinning up the top half of your hair.

2. Curl hair as demonstrated above.

3. After everything is curled, use hairspray all over.

4. Carefully backcomb upwards to combine waves.

5. Lastly curl the bottom of each side under to complete the look.

Winding Side Braid

Pump up your side pony with our winding side braid hair tutorial! A few twists and turns can easily take your braid from blasé to beautiful! It’s the perfect way to tame your mane and create a casual coif fit for a day at the park. Whatever the occasion, you’ll be sure to get a slew of compliments!

1. Part your hair to the side and braid a small section all the way to the ends. We chose to do an inside-out braid but either work!

2. Use a clear elastic band to hold the braid.

3. Fasten the braid under the crown of your hair using bobby pins. Place the top hair over to hide all pinning.

4. Carefully wrap the braid around all the remaining hair into a low side pony.

5. Fasten the entire ponytail with another clear elastic band.

Criss-Cross Half-Up Hair Tutorial

1. Start with freshly curled hair.

2. Backcomb the crown to create volume on top.

3. Carefully twist back and pin the crown of your hair.

4. Using hair from the opposite side of the first twist, section the remaining amount of hair above your ear.

5. Smooth and pull across.

6. Slightly twist to and pin just below the top section.

7. Repeat for the other side and smooth across the last twist.

8. Slightly twist and pin the final section from underneath.

The Fun Bun

1. Begin with a sleek high ponytail securing with a strong hair-tie.

2. Pull small sections of the pony straight-up and lightly mist with hairspray towards the base of the hair-tie.

3. While the hairspray is still tacky, fully backcomb each small section as you pull upwards.

4. Be sure to fully tease* the entire pony from top to bottom for the ultimate fun bun!

5. Start wrapping the ponytail into a bun. The main advantage to teasing the hair is that you can easily manipulate the shape as you are pinning it.

6. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you can make the bun as big and messy as you want it! Super Fun Bun!

The Perfect Wave

1. Section top half of your hair and pin-up to prep for curling.

2. Carefully hold the curling iron upside down and wrap small sections of hair around, curling away from your face.

3. After you finish curling all sections, hairspray the entire thing to better hold curls.

4. Once hairspray is dry, lightly brush out curls with a paddle brush to create perfect waves!

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