A leave-in conditioner is applied to the clean washed hair. You just leave it there as there’s no need to wash it off. Today’s market offers both regular and leave-in conditioners. Regular ones mainly use oils as one of their main ingredients which often results in the hair looking greasy. On the contrary, leave-in conditioners only use glycerin or, at most, light oils. It allows for a far better effect.

How to use leave-in conditioners?

Today, there’s a great variety of leave-in conditioners to choose from. Obviously, it’s hard to determine how effective all of them are. You should decide what’s the most important quality you’re looking for and take things from there.

For example, hair professionals believe that leave-in conditioners are particularly good moisturizers. Just like skin, your hair needs a sufficient amount of moisture to keep it healthy. In addition, the price factor is not that relevant when it comes to leave-in moisturizers. More affordable options typically work no worse than well-known brand products.

If you’re using hair styling products such as mousse, cream, hair gel, wax or pomade, chances are big that they already contain glycerin or some light oils. Thanks to those, you get an additional amount of moisture to your hair which effectively shields it from the sun or styling damage. If you’re using these products, buying a separate leave-in conditioner is not necessary.

Where and how to buy

Most salons, cosmetic shops and supermarkets sell hair care products including leave-in conditioners. You can also purchase them online (be mindful of the shipping fees). The price range varies: from $2 to $50 depending on the brand you prefer.

There’s also a segment aimed specifically at vegans. These products use somewhat different chemical components, scents and oils. Besides, a lot of less famous brands use natural components for their leave-in products and yet come at a lower price. However, the products with natural and chemical ingredients alike are equally effective.

Give it a try

Different leave-in conditioners contain different amounts of oils. Some may have more while the others have less. A good rule of thumb is to test several options in order to see which one produces the best moisturizing effect. In many cases, it won’t cost you much: most stores offer free or largely discounted samples so you won’t be urged into buying products you’re not sure about.

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