Have you ever wondered: “What is Keratin?” The studies of Keratin began in 1930 in England. It was defined as a fibrous protein. Scientists from Israel and other countries tried to understand what Keratin is. It turned out to be the most important hair “building material”.

Its complete insolubility in water is the reason for its importance that ensures our skin’s water-resistant nature (the cells of the epidermis – the upper skin layer – include keratin). The combination of keratin, elastin and collagen makes the skin elastic and firm. These qualities keratin help it ensure the protective function of the skin. Now we understand that keratin is a component that can be found in many parts of our body.

After understanding what hydrolyzed keratin is, the manufacturers started to use it in their cosmetics, like shampoos, conditioners, hair straightening and recovery formulas.

As already mentioned, keratin is not compatible with water, but after hydrolysis – a special chemical treatment gains a structure capable of "penetrating" into the hair pores. As we know, hair after the perm, coloring, permanent dryings, styling, and treatment with hair straighteners have a weakened structure with a large number of pores (the flakes that are surrounding the hair shaft are loosely fitted to it). The hair also shows hidden problems of your organism: the diseases from which you have suffered, antibiotic therapy, stresses, unbalanced diet, the influence of bad habits and environment (deteriorating environment, radiation background, swimming in sea water, and scorching sun). Keratin has a molecular structure, so it flows through the hair pores deep into the cuticle and restores the natural protective layer. As a result, the hair becomes smooth, strengthened, elastic, shiny and silky.

Improve Your Natural Keratin

It is good to visit beauty salons and use shampoos, but the beauty starts from the inside. You have to follow a special diet to restore keratin in your hair. To generate amino acids that are keratin components, our organism needs nitrogen and sulfur, silicon and other trace elements that you can gain from proteins of animal origin: fish, poultry, fermented milk products and meat.

So, let’s briefly recap what keratin is:

  • Keratin is a natural element. It was not invented by chemists.

  • Everyone (with few exceptions) needs keratin.

  • You can use keratin in a beauty salon or at home hair care.

  • We hope that we have fully addressed the question: “What is keratin?”

  • The health of your hair depends on you: have a proper diet, don’t be nervous, take care of your hair and use the services of professionals in this area.

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