What Causes Your Hair To Frizz?

Before we start looking for the reason that causes frizzy hair, it is quite essential to know the background. As is well known the lack of moisture in the hair is the main one. Being not wetted enough our hair starts seeking moisture, aggravating the situation especially in the conditions of high humidity. Moreover, there are much more factors, making your hair quite vulnerable to frizz. Here in this article we list some of them: 1. YOU USE HIGH WATER TEMPERATURE WHILE WASHING. Probably you feel relaxed while taking high temperature shower, but it makes a bad impact both on your hair and on your skin too. Even so, you are taking the extremely cold shower, your hair will lose the natural essential oil that holds your hair bright and moisturized. In this case, you were better to use the lukewarm temperature, if you don’t want to harm your hair.


If you use the iron straighteners, hair dryers or flat iron and so on to style your hair daily, there is a direct way to weaken it and to cause frizz. You just have to learn how to style your hair without their use. However, in cases when styling demands their use, make sure you use heat protective cosmetics.


More is not necessarily better in this case. You have to remember that too frequent use of shampoos damages your hair too, washing out essential equilibrium. Moreover, you should wonder that all shampoos are manufactured using the different formulas, and some of them may be inappropriate for the use for your hair.

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