A preliminary therapy aims to prepare the hair cuticles, thus allowing penetrating the hair with keratin. Before proceed with all Amazonliss treatment procedures a cleansing shampoo must be emulsified on damp hair. The cuticle is activated due to the property of alkaline Ph substance, preparing your hair to get smoothing therapy. Upon its use, the therapy focuses on the penetration of your hair cuticle with keratin.  Hydrolyzed keratin enhances keratin bonds internally and is quite helpful in the recovery of damaged hair. Amazonliss therapy complies with brush and bowl application, what is similar to the applied color. Keratin enters the open cuticle, while targeting the damaged zones. The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes and does not cause side effects on the scalp.

Given that Amazonliss don’t cause any damage to hair, remember that the use of straightening iron does. If you use the hot styling instruments, make sure they are manufactured of professional titanium. Start using it with the lowest temperature and increase it only on demand.

The price for each keratin therapy is app. 300-350 USD and you should be ready to spend 2-3 hours in the saloon. The effect of keratin therapy lasts up to 5 months, depending upon the time of a treatment you choose.

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