Keratin therapy entails a chemical treatment of hair in order to recover its smoothness and to restore its health through the addition of synthetic keratin. Actually, it works great to do away with fragile and unwelcome wavy hair. Since you favour this procedure, 3 to 4 months you will relish your lustrous and straight hair. However, you don’t have to use it all the time, there is no better alternative to straightening iron. Caution: Keratin involves chemical elements. Thus, it is not exactly a simple to use procedure and it requires a consultation by the experts, given that the allergies or some issues with sensitive scalps may occur.  They use Brazilian keratin therapy not as much to straighten, as to renovate the lost structure of a hair. In contrast to the common keratin therapy, this new form of treatment includes the use of amino acids instead of formaldehyde. This substance is banned across the major countries in the world apart from the US due to the risk to the human health. As is known, this form of therapy is more demanding among the clientele that attends the salons.   

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