Hair wash is the basic hair care procedure. However, you will be surprised to learn that not all people know how to wash their hair in the right way! The most common mistake is the water temperature. What water temperature is the best for washing your hair? Find it out in this article!
If the water is too hot, it can damage your scalp. If the water is too cold, hair washing may be ineffective.
In order to find out the right temperature, think about what the water does:
- helps the shampoo to foam and distribute it through the scalp
- dissolves dirt and excessive sebum
- washes away shampoo, impurities, dust, and dead skin particles from hair and scalp
Warm water starts to dissolve the semi-solid fats which accumulate on our hair. These fats become fluid at body temperature and start to solidify on cooler hair surfaces. Warm water makes the shampoo easier to rinse off oil, dirt, and dust that accumulate on the scalp.
Don’t make the water temperature excessively hot: too hot water can irritate and even damage the scalp. Prolonged exposure to hot water weakens the scalp and it may become more vulnerable to further damage from irritants such as styling products or microorganisms that cause dandruff.
What is the optimal water temperature?
The temperature should be sufficient enough to deeply cleanse the hair and scalp from impurities and oils without causing irritation. The perfect temperature is slightly above body temperature, that is, about 38 degrees Celsius. This temperature maintains the perfect balance for a quality hair wash and healthy scalp skin.

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