The first step: washing your hair

Try not to wash your hair every day. With each wash, the hair loses its protective lipids. Make it a rule to wash the hair pretty rare. Do not wash your hair with hot water; warm or even cool water will less damage your hair. In the end, wash your hair with cool water, this will give it shine.

Second step: drying your hair

As often as possible, let your hair dry naturally. Before drying your hair with a hairdryer, apply a thermal protective product to it. Dry your hair with a hairdryer in the direction from the roots to the ends, but not vice versa. So you reduce the thermal effect on the cuticle, and the hair becomes smooth. Using this will also help restore hair shine.

Third step: styling

Oil is the best medicine for dry and dull hair. Even a few drops of this product make the hair shiny and manageable. Pay attention to the composition of the styling products: alcohol-containing styling products are prohibited for dry hair, as they dry out even more.

Dry hair: extra care

At least once a week use some hair treatment, balm or mask for dry hair.  Regularly massage your scalp: this will improve blood circulation to the skin and prevent overdrying. Comb the hair well from the roots to the ends. Watch the condition of combs and brushes.

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