Ana Carolina, a certified trichologist, a colorist and a contributor to the educational project for hairdressers. Works at salons, lectures and writes articles for magazines. Ana was a senior technologist and has worked with famous brands and stylists to create seminars and advertising campaigns.

What is the Brazilian straightening?

This is a favorite procedure for many fashion-lovers. Brazilian straightening is also known as keratin straightening. My clients love this procedure because it provides visible and quick results. It makes the hair much less fluffy, creates a smooth and silky effect and reduces the time of subsequent styling with a hairdryer twice. In addition, the procedure has a healing effect.

What are the benefits that Amazonliss Smoothing Treatment provides?

Along with the other natural ingredients, the structure of Amazonliss Smoothing Treatment includes hydrolyzed keratin. By penetrating into the skin, it fills the void and at the same time strengthens the hair. As a result, the hair becomes smooth, strong and silky.

How can I learn to perform the procedure of keratin straightening?

Just click on the Education section of this site, watch the video, read the instructions and buy a test kit. Next, make sure you have everything necessary for the procedure like a hair dryer and an iron and test this process on a doll or a live model.

What is the right way to perform a hair straightening procedure?

First, you need to remove dust, sebum and styling products from the hair. To do that, I used the Anti Residue Shampoo (Step 1). This shampoo has an oily texture synthesized from the coconut and palm oils. It cleans the hair delicately, yet effectively.

The next step in the keratin straightening procedure is to apply Amazonliss Smoothing Treatment keratin protein-fixing composition to the hair (Step 2), tightly filling the heterogeneous structure of the damaged strands.

The room where I performed the procedure had a good ventilation system so no smell was felt. I covered each strand with the composition. At the same time, I didn’t proceed to the very hair roots leaving about 1 cm before the skin which is an important thing to remember. After that, without washing off the composition, I dried the hair with a hairdryer switching cold/warm modes. If you dry the hair with the hot air, the effect from the procedure will disappear. This happens because the protein structure of the composition is ruined by a thermal impact.

After drying the hair, I started straightening the hair strand by strand with an iron leaving no creases and partings. I repeated the manipulations more than seven times as it allows to fix keratin better. Thus, the effect of the procedure would be more impressive. Each strand was no more than 1-1.5 cm thick. I adjusted the ironing temperature based on the condition of the client’s hair. To consolidate the results of the intensive hair restoration procedure, I applied an Intensive Repair Mask (Step 3) which is saturated with a high content of keratin. The mask can penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair structure providing a cosmeceutical effect.

My clients are always happy with the keratin straightening procedure with Amazonliss! The hair gets noticeably thickened and straightened. It becomes shiny, perfectly straight, elastic and obedient. In addition, keratin proved to be effective even with the most difficult types of hair.

I was also surprised with the large income. I had enough keratin for nearly 20 procedures, while shampoo and mask could be used for 30 sessions. The price for the hair straightening procedure in my salon is $200. I did some calculations and found out that a one-liter set brings me the income of more than $3500! This is impressive!

How to offer customers a new service at your salon?

The answer is to add it to your service list and offer a special price. Tell your customers about its benefits and provide the pictures of clients before and after the procedure. Offer them to perform the procedure locally, for example when straightening the fringe.