Smoothing Brush Tutorial


For the procedure, the Brazilian keratin straightening, you will need the following tools:

Unique benefits for salon professionals

Use a keratin shampoo for different clients:

- as a solution in between keratin treatments;

- for clients who are looking for a safe, natural solution to straighten and smooth the hair;

- for clients who no longer wish to undergo keratin treatment but still long for that gorgeous look it provides;

- or personalized results according to the client’s preferences (the higher the temperature is, the smoother the hair will be. It is possible to play around and achieve different outcomes).

Step by Step

1. Don't need to wash the hair previously.

2. Apply the Protein Smoothing Brush Amazonliss throughout the hair. Leave it on for 40 min.

3. Rince 50% of the hair.

4. Brow dry the hair and divide it into four parts.

5. Apply the flat iron for 8 to 10 times from root to the middle of the strands, and from 4 to 6 times on the ends. The flat iron temperature should range between 380 F to 450 F (using the low temperature for hair is more damaged).

1. What benefits can I get by using a keratin shampoo?

By wrapping up the hair cuticles, the keratin shampoo effectively removes frizz, smoothens even the thick hair and creates a beautiful long-lasting shine.

2. How long does the effect last?

It varies from one case to another but the typical duration is 3-5 months. A keratin shampoo produces an accumulative effect: the more you use it, the silkier and softer your hair becomes.

3. Can a keratin shampoo cause any allergic reactions?

It is most unlikely that it will. However, it is recommended to test it with the already weakened hair first. The keratin shampoo must be sealed with a flat iron so this may lead to a different outcome for the hair previously exposed to and weakened by the chemical treatment.

4. Does a keratin shampoo affect my color?

Yes, a keratin shampoo combined with a high temperature can alter the blonde color to a more yellowish shade. To avoid this, set your iron flat to no more than 450ºF.

5. Is a keratin shampoo an equal alternative to the salon keratin treatments?

Yes, it can be an excellent alternative in a number of cases.

6. Can I use a keratin shampoo after bleaching/coloring?

Not right after. It is recommended to wait for no less than forty-eight hours. That way your new color will seal better and the keratin shampoo will not interfere with it.

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