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Amazonliss Magicliss Spray for Smooth Anti-Frizz 8.45 fl. oz

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EAN: 7898961434322

Brand: Nutree Professional

Discipline, Sealing and Radiant Shine. Free chemistry. The perfect choice for unruly, curly and dry hair. Instantly smooths the hair. Improves combing hair. Gives a beautiful shine. Made with proteins and tannins with conditioning action, Amazonliss Magicliss True Smooth Spray restores the hydrophobicity of damages hair, improves the combability, gives a long-lasting smooth effect. Also, spray has anti-frizz action. Promotes hair fiber repair and helps to reduce drying time.

    What are the benefits?

    Make your hair frizz-free
    Boost shine
    Detangle knots
    Add softness
    Tame flyaways
    Reduce drying time

    What are the ingredients?

    Wheat Protein
    Helps keep the hair elastic by controlling the rate of moisture loss from the hair
    Soy Protein
    Great for hydration and giving your hair that beautiful glossy, shiny look

    What are the results?