Hair Botox

Blonde Bottox Hair Expert Purple Toning Mask 8.8 oz / 250 grams

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With a unique technology Formula combining Marine Collagen and Glutamic Acid with the Power of Almond Oil, Blonde Hair Bottox Expert Mask is a treatment for long-lasting blonde balance, promoting platinum effect, deep hydration and smoothing effect, keeping the hair aligned, nourished, strong, healthy and frizz-free.

What are the benefits?

Up to 5 applications
1.7 oz (50 g) for 1 application
Reduces the brassiness in blonde hair,
making the color appear bright  
Enhances cool tones
Keeps your highlights
looking fresh and beautiful
Allows you to stretch out the time 
between color appointments
Leaves your hair feeling
incredibly soft and moisturized

What are the ingredients?

Almond Oil
Rich in vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that promotes health to the hair
Marine Collagen
Chains of sea-sourced amino acids that fortify hair fibers to reinforce strength and repair damage
Glutamic Acid
One of the most effective amino acids for hair with anti frizz and anti humidity action

How to use?

1. Wash the hair with any anti-residue shampoo.
2. Dry the hair 100%.
3. Section the hair into 6 parts and apply the product in all hair.
4. Leave the product from 30 to 40 minutes in the hair.
5. Rinse the hair partially and leave enough product to straighten it with a flat iron. 
6. Blow dry the hair with round brush.
7. Section the hair into parts. Flat iron the hair in thin and linear strands, about 10 to 15 times each strand.
8. After flat iron your hair is ready. You have a deep hydrated and a smooth hair for up to 8 weeks.

What are the results?