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Distance education via online technologies is more popular today than ever. We decided to introduce online training for professional stylists who are already using or planning to use Nutree Professional products.

In our course, "Tanino Treatment," we took advantage of the best practices of online training, where a system of theory, practice, and testing has been designed for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Tanino organic keratin online class
is for you if you:

  • Want to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding how to use Organic Keratin Treatment
  • Want to learn the aspects of using Tanino Keratin Treatment
  • Want to be able to offer clients an exclusive service which makes their hair straight and silky up to 24 weeks
  • Want to properly advise the client regarding the Organic Keratin Treatment.

Why is studying with us the best thing you can do?

Online course Tanino treatment includes:

Discover our organic keratin. Amazonliss Tanino provides a keratin straightening effect for up to 2 
months, it is an excellent anti-frizz treatment
Client consultation
Client consultation and clarify a few questions with our model in 
order to understand that we have chosen the right product for her hair type
Applying Tanino
We will give you info abaut  Amazonliss Tanino product and
demonstrate the application with our client in the salon. We will show 
you the product application steps 

About Learning Leader

The course is taught by 15-year experienced hair texture specialist, Natalia Thompson. She is alumni Paul Mitchell school Rexburg USA also she is a brand ambassador of Nutree Professional cosmetics in the USA and Brazil.

Let's begin!