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Brazilian Bottox Professional Class

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Distance education via online technologies is more popular today than ever. We decided to introduce online training for professional stylists who are already using or planning to use Nutree Professional products.

In our first course, "Bottox Expert Hair Repair Treatment," we took advantage of the best practices of online training, where a system of theory, practice, and testing has been designed for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Bottox Expert Online Training

  • This masterclass is perfect for beginning stylists, professionals,
    and anyone who just wants to improve their skills.
  • You will learn the pros and cons of performing a professional Hair Bottox service.
  • In this course, you will acquire the knowledge and skills that you need
    to have absolute control of the methods and materials used to smooth,
    straighten, and rehabilitate hair.

Masterclasses Bottox products includes:

What is the Bottox? Learn about the ingredients, results, length of
impact, tools, and step-by-step procedures. 
Bottox benefits for hair
What exactly is the hair Bottox service, and what does it give your clients?
What is  Bottox for hair, and
why is this word used? When do you need to offer your clients Bottox service? What
is the difference between Bottox and keratin treatment? Watch the video and
learn more about the Bottox service.
Client consultation
How can you determine if Bottox is suitable for your client? What questions should you ask the client before the procedure? When is Bottox contraindicated? Watch the video and learn how to provide your clients with the
best Bottox consultation.
Product application
Learn all the steps, including the subtleties and nuances, of the application in order to achieve the best results.

Why is studying with us the best thing you can do?

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Study from everywhere and anytime
All of our courses are online, so you do not need to go anywhere to attend. Just log in and study whenever you like.
24/7 Feedback 
We are ready to answer your questions and help with any doubts you have throughout your whole educational journey with us!  
Knowledge from the manufacturer 
Who knows their products better than the manufacturer? We will give you firsthand information about our products and share all of our secrets and useful hints!
Increase profits
We strive to provide you or your salon team with high-quality training regarding proper consultation skills, service execution, product support, and more. This will enable you to build a brand, improve your skills, and, ultimately, grow your profits through sales and high-ticket services.

About Learning Leader

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The course is taught by 15-year experienced hair texture specialist, Natalia Thompson. She is alumni Paul Mitchell school Rexburg USA also she is a brand ambassador of Nutree Professional cosmetics in the USA and Brazil.
The course is available in English with original translation
from Portuguese

Let's begin!

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