When you iron your hair, do not take short-cuts or rush. After each hair section is ironed 4 or 5 times, go over all sections again 3 times or more even if the hair looks really straight already. This guarantees that the keratin will seal onto your hair again.

It is not recommended to use a flat iron under 450 degrees. This will result in keratin treatment lasting within less than a month.

All shampoo/conditioner/styling products containing sulfates ought not to be used as part of your after-care routine. Sulfates will strip the hair shaft and remove the keratin.

Hair coloring should be done before using the keratin treatment because color adheres a lot better to dry and damaged hair than to the hair sealed with keratin. The results will last longer if you color your hair at least a few days before starting Keratin treatment.

The process of ironing should be completed in a well-ventilated room. It is necessary to keep the bathroom door and window open and/or use a fan blowing outside. In the alternative, keratin can be applied outdoors.

Relax and take breaks if your arms are tired from the whole straightening procedure. In order to do a good job, take as many breaks as necessary. This is no time limit.

Iron our hair again every morning after you wake up. When you sleep, your hair is bent into strange positions. You will of course not want to stay is that way.

If the hair is wet from rain, sweating or showering, dry and re-iron it within 3 days.

After this all, you will enjoy silky, soft and straight hair.

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