It is possible to treat your hair at home using the Amazonliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment Kit. The version of at-home treatment assists you in achieving salon-quality results being at home without spending large sums of money. In addition, the kit is free from formaldehyde.

1. Wash your hair with the special clarifying shampoo, after that rinse it and dry with a towel. Do not use conditioners.

2. Dry your hair with a good quality blow dryer and make it straight. This is really helpful. However, you should refrain from blow drying towards your face.

3. Thoroughly comb your hair.

4. With special hair clips, part your hair into separate manageable sections.

5. Brush Keratin Treatment onto the hair sections. Comb the surplus out.

6. Blow-dry your hair until it is entirely dry in a room with good ventilation in 20 minutes.

7. In order to seal the treatment, straighten your hair up to 5 times using hot hair straighteners.

8. After this all, keep the hair straight within 3 days without washing, styling and tying it up.

9. Wash your hair using salt-free shampoo. The conditioner ought not to be included in the shampoo.

10. In order to prevent the treatment from premature wash-ups, continue using a salt-free shampoo and conditioner.

The process of applying the kit will take you 1-2 hours. Afterwards, the hair cannot be washed within 3 days. The length of every treatment is up to 3 months. After this, the correct aftercare is required. Wash your hair with a specific sulfate-free shampoo and do not dry it too much. Try limiting blow-dries to once a week.

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