Just imagine sweaters, boots… and trendy new hair! If your clients don’t share the ideas of their new look with you, you’re better to start discussing it with them, to have a chance to gain some of the benefits from your business on the eve of Thanksgiving day.

Whether tender or fine, if someone of your clientele wants to change the look, you may obtain some feedback from your visitor about the new image of his or her hair and to bolster the reputation of your salon. Just catch the interest of your visitors and make them follow your new offers and propositions in the course of the latest trends. Share new trendy ideas and suggest your clients to take a new look at their style—doesn’t matter, what it actually will be: a new color, fresh haircut or even some new styling technique. Here I would like to share with you my fall/winter looks, which I have the heart for:

According to the latest trends of this season, rooty depth and creamy tones of honey and beige will be mostly used to form a hair fullness in lighter shades. I also love the style of the rich blonds, wearing a trendy topcoat. There is a chance to give a kiss of warmth to blondes without any changes of the depth.

Fall may remind about redheads, who are born with these natural shades of nutmeg and copper. Apply large panels of different tones on the similar levels to catch a light contrast.

The brunettes are recommended to add a little bit of flattering warmth when their sun-bronzed skin starts to fade. For the clients, who have an expressive look, you may choose a deep raven hue to form a striking red-carpet style.

If we’re discussing the styles, sleek is the key factor, when this refers to up styles. Deep, side-parted ponytails and sculpted chignons will help your client to look elegant to the forefront. While the messy crown braid is looking cute during this season, I prefer the micro braids added to topknots and loose curls I’ve seen on the runaway.

Long lengths are sporting lived-in layers, will perfectly suit to pair with barely-there waves and swept back styles. It's all refers to carefree hair texture. I’m more than glad to observe some long bobs being cropped into chic collarbone or shorter lengths. This pretty plain haircut looks sleek (and looks so much better together with those bulkier fall scarves and sweaters!). Fringe comes back and natural texture is in vogue again.

When it comes time to winter, expand your business and your creativity according to these seasonal trends. Just keep thinking of all the #beforeandafter possibilities!

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