You may have heard of keratin straightening treatments but you’re unsure of what it actually does or how it works. With so many keratin straightening solutions out there, we thought we’d deconstruct what keratin actually is and what the treatment does for your hair.

You have possibly happened to hear about keratin hair straightening therapy. But you do not entirely know what this therapy looks like and how it works.

1. What do we mean when we speak about keratin?

Keratin is an extremely important protein which makes up most of human hair, skin and nails. Hair is especially rich in protein and it acts as a special protecting protein in the outer layers called the cuticle as well as the structural protein located in the inner core of the hair called cortex. Cortex determines the hair strength.

2. What does keratin treatment include?

Keratin therapy means a temporary hair smoothing procedure. This therapy turns unruly, frizzy and coarse hair into the smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair. The therapy is activated by the straightener’s heat. It targets the hair cuticle, fixes itself around the shaft and memorizes the straightening action. The therapy creates a strengthening elastic sheath and makes it possible for the hair to breathe.

3. How is keratin possible to straighten human’s hair?

Actually keratin does not straighten the hair. In the course of the treatment, other chemical properties have their effect. They break the bonds of curly hair down making the hair smooth and straight. After this, it is set with a hair straightener heat earmarked to seal it. Chemicals make it possible for the hair to remain straight for a long period of time.

Keratin steps into the rescue since the damage is caused to your hair in the process of the change of the bond structure. The task of the keratin lies in counteracting the damage to your hair b means of preventing it from breaking. This restores keratin to the delicate hair in addition to preventing humidity from penetrating the hair since this locks the frizz out.

4. What is the term of Formaldehyde Free meaning?

Formaldehyde is used in the original Brazilian Keratin treatment. This makes the proteins adhere to the hair and consequently works as a fixative. This is a special preservative used by embalmers which have been observed to be linked to cancer. Since then Formaldehyde has been banned by the FDA which has run its own investigations and found a lot of products assumed to be sage for personal care in it. A lot of keratin treatments are free from Formaldehyde. For example, Amazonliss. Alternative means can be used to produce the similar effect without the Formaldehyde’s damage.

5. What is the length of keratin smoothing?

It depends on the type of your hair as well as on how long you wash it after the therapy. It can last from 6 till 10 weeks.

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