There are only 2 things that truly determine your hair texture:

• The hair fiber thickness

• The condition of its cuticles

What is the hair texture? It’s a thing that makes your hair look visually the way it looks.

There are some reasons that can damage your hair structure. Among them are mechanical damage, aging, heating. All of them are:

• Reducing your hair thickness

• Making the cuticle layer rough and uneven

Even the most beautiful and thick hair can become dull and damaged over time. Nobody can avoid this but you can easily make your hair beauty last.

A keratin treatment can easily solve both of these problems:

• It replenishes keratin (the essential component of the hair fiber)

• It smoothes the hair cuticle in order to make your hair straight and shiny again

Whether your hair is:

• Healthy

• Usual

• Thick or rough

• Wavy

• Curly

• Straight

• Or has any other structure

A keratin treatment acts as a great enhancement to your hair, making it look young, healthy and smooth. You won’t achieve such a result with your everyday hair routine. You only need 1 procedure to forget about the dull and curly hair for almost 3 months! Isn’t it worth trying?

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