Imagine your hair being absolutely smooth and straight. Do you need your hair straightener or wet brush anymore? No way! There is no need for you to use it all for your hair.

Enjoy the ultimate beauty of keratin-treated hair. Let’s see how exactly keratin works…

Have you ever heard of hair cuticles? It’s the outer layer of your hair that resembles roof tile. The main purpose of it is to protect your hair from any external damage. Unfortunately, we face it every single day.

Keratin works as a reparation of your tile. If the tile cracked, rough or some tiles of your roof are missing, you will face some serious consequences, like:

• Your house will be watered

• The roof structure will be ruined

• It will be dangerous for you to use the electric wires

The same things happen to your hair when you use harsh chemical treatments and heat for straightening it. Those everyday procedures are pretty tiresome and do nothing good for your hair.

You are likely to damage or even break your hair if you run a hairbrush through it.

A keratin treatment truly revives your hair, sealing the hair cuticles. After the treatment, your hair will be glossy and straight again!

It covers your hair with the film-forming silk-protein layer. Sounds great, isn’t it?

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