You definitely heard something about the hair elasticity but do you know that it’s closely related to hair porosity? Remember: if your hair becomes very porous, it loses elasticity. Let’s see what hair elasticity is and why you should care about it. In plain words, elasticity prevents your hair from breaking. It makes the hair soft, gives it body and keeps its structure. If your hair isn’t elastic enough, it hair will look dull and brittle. Now let’s move to the main part of the hair structure that makes your hair elastic. It’s called cortex – a cluster of protein (keratin) bonds that are tightly linked together in order to preserve elasticity and stretch. The following reasons damage the Protein structure:

• Aging

• Use of hair bands, clips

• Coloring

• Bleaching

• Heating when using hair dryers and stylers

All of the mentioned reasons damage the protein structure of your hair.

The only way to revive your hair’s elasticity is to reinforce the keratin chains.

As you may guess, a keratin treatment can easily and effectively help you to solve this problem.

Our Keratin not only bridges the gaps and cracks in the support chain but contains one more very important ingredient – Collagen. Everybody knows about the magic properties of it. It makes your hair pliable and greatly improves flexibility. Now you can do your hair in any possible way!

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