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Amazonliss Anti Residue Shampoo 8.45 fl.oz

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Brand: Nutree Professional
ASIN: B085X42QG8

Amazonliss Anti Residue Shampoo - First Step Before Brazilian Keratin Treatment 8.45 fl.oz

It’s a unique deep cleansing formula which provides flawless cleansing of the hair and scalp from impurities, styling residues and excess sebum.

The shampoo has an alkaline pH 8,5-9,5, a powerful cleansing, tonic, and antioxidant effect, gives hair smoothness and shine, has a beneficial effect on the cuticle, preparing hair for a keratin treatment and deep penetration of moisturizing and nourishing components. The shampoo is consumed very economically.

Shampoo for deep hair cleansing eliminates accumulated of dirt and sebum, restarts the natural regeneration processes and prepares hair for further procedures, which involve deep penetration of the ingredients into the hair shaft. 

Key Features

  • Deep cleaning
  • The first step before keratin treatment or hair botox
  • Recommended before using Amazonliss, Bottox Expert and similar products
  • Economical consumption

How to use:

1. Apply shampoo to wet hair.

2. Spread the shampoo over the entire length of the hair.

3. Foam with massaging movements for 5 minutes.

4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

5. Repeat 2 times.